воскресенье, 26 февраля 2012 г.

Tweezers are bound to be a special connection with a spring in order to avoid disclosure of their fast in the hole. There are two types of forceps: closing and drop-down. In the event that you are doing everything correctly, you can do a pull-down. Take the tweezers and gently drop them spread your ring, then insert it into the cell. With proper effort to shrink the ring in the hole without changing shape. Practice a bit to fully understand and feel how to remove and put on the ring. Will do well in a situation, if you ask their relatives or znakomyhpomoch you put on and take off the ring. It is much easier than doing everything by herself or himself in the mirror.

Casual care.

The greater will be your hole, the more dirt, dead skin and bacteria will accumulate in them. Generator in the holes-smelling, oily substance is necessary to constantly wash. Remove the decoration for peering, wash the hole with diluted bacterial soap and wipe dry. Naturally treat the piercing and jewelry. Cleaning and disinfection of the material will depend on the jewelry. Some can not be wet, some special solutions should be lubricated and oil. Common to all is that the need to care for them on a frequent basis.
In the case at the moment of jewelry you damage your skin, you must immediately begin to treat it. The fact that you hurt the skin, you will feel when removing items. Can leak a drop of blood, or if you feel the resistance initially, but later the product was easy to slip. Avoid wearing at the time of piercing. Treat the wound with a dilute salt solution bezyedistym, then massage the surrounding skin with vitamin E, jojoba oil or olive oil. This will help you to easily heal the wound and will not allow scars to appear. After two or three weeks you should be back to wear your items for piercing.
In case you are too fast or increased pierced holes for jewelry for body piercing, piercings can be "twisted." This bumps or scars on the skin. The above methods can also help, and this case. After healing, try to start the piercing of the "jugglery". This should be a hundred percent to refine it. Unfortunately sometimes it is impossible to completely eliminate scars. Through the next hole be more careful.